Party Packages 

Paint Party!

Canvas Paint Party

Choose from various paint themes and watch their inner picasso come alive! *Custom paint themes by request.* 

Recommended for Ages 3+


Mosaic Art  Party

Choose a board, paint the base, and glue small tiles of all shapes and sizes, to create a one of a kind design. 

Recommended for Ages 5+

Painted Pots.JPG

Paint & Plant Party

Paint a clay pot and plant beautiful succulents in the finished product! 

Recommended for Ages 5+


Stuff - A - Bear

Select a new friend, decorate a T-shirt for them, make a wish and stuff the animal! You will make a friend for life!

Recommended for Ages 3+

sand art.JPG

Sand Art  Party

Create colorful designs in a decorative bottle, necklace, and more with rainbow colored sand!

Recommended for Ages 3+


 Wreath  Party

Create a wreath using a wreath form, tulle, and accents. 

Recommended for Ages 6+


Ceramic Paint  Party

Choose from a variety of animal figurines and paint away!

Recommended for Ages 3+


Slime  Making  Party

Everyone loves slime! Create your own slime from scratch with fun additives such as glitter and foam balls!  

Recommended for Ages 5+

Dream catcher Making

Dream Catcher Party

String an array of fabrics and ribbon to create a unique dream catcher, to display in your bedroom!

Recommended for Ages 5+

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