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Kids's Party Time

Party Packages

Deco Kraft Kart offers a unique DIY party experience for kids. Our parties are designed to spark creativity and imagination. Let your child explore their artistic side with our fun and engaging packages. With plenty of options to choose from, they won't be disappointed!

Canvas Paint Party

Canvas Paint Party

Choose from various paint templates and create a colorful masterpiece. 

Recommended for Ages 3+

Ceramic Paint Party

Ceramic Paint  Party

Choose from a variety of figurines and paint it how you like!

Recommended for Ages 3+

sand art party

Sand Art  Party

Create colorful designs in a decorative bottle with over 10 colors of sand!

Recommended for Ages 3+

Stuff a bear party

Stuff - A - Bear Party

Select a new friend, decorate a T-shirt for them, make a wish and stuff the animal! You will have a friend for life!

Recommended for Ages 3+

Mosaic Party

Mosaic Art  Party

Choose a board, paint the base, and glue small tiles of all shapes and sizes, to create a one of a kind design. 

Recommended for Ages 5+

Wreath Making Party

 Wreath  Party

Create a cute wreath using a wreath form, tulle, and accents. 

Recommended for Ages 8+

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